Saturday, September 17, 2011

Quick Rant

 How many of us have tried leaving a comment on a peer's blog and all of the sudden--POOF! All that we've typed disappears? It's happened to me often. :( Damn it! And there's explanations.
  • I wasn't logged in when I clicked the link to their blog, once I try to select a profile, it recognizes my IP, and logs me in while totally deleting my comment once the page is reloaded.
  • From my laptop, the mouse pointer is out side the textbox. As I quickly type I accidentally touch the touch pad mouse pointer, and click outside the box. When I press backspace on a typo, the page, not the textbox is selected, then the backspace activates the useful "hot key" of going back to the previous pages! Now I come back to watch my comment deleted!
  • Lastly, the big reason that happens to experienced computer users like myself, or total n00bs: RANDOM THINGS HAPPENS WITH TECHNOLOGY THAT CAN'T BE EXPLAINED! 
I think I just type and move my hands too fast because I'm impatient and all. Either way after typing so much of my feelings or opinions about something just to watch it disappear when I'm trying to post it makes me want to...
LOL, just kidding, I would never throw away 500 bucks like that (at least the $100 screen) more like this:
My girlfriend may be right at saying that I need anger management...and you think so too now!


What the HELL now?!?! Even though I'm logged in, it logged me out, I just tried logging in with the same account and now it works...blogger sucks.

Screen shot:


  1. PS. I got the pics from this person's blog...
    Thanks, man!

  2. GEEZ, I really liked the image!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Well, I've experienced those kinda accidents before, too...
    To avoid losing my writings, I often use a memopad function, so that I'll be able to keep my writings! :)
    If you know that the server SUCKS, you can at least try this thing what I did! ;)

  3. Yeah, I find my self constantly selecting all (Ctrl+A) and pressing "Ctrl+C" to save it all on the clipboard...

  4. Pi 1, Computers 0 ;)

  5. Good post - I appreciate the frustration. It's happened to me a few times too. Copy and paste or using a memopad function as morita said are probably good ideas.

  6. Lol I just got your comment in my e-mail about your deleted comments. Sorry about that :P

    But yea thanks for the views on alternative interface methods; at least it got read somehow :D

  7. Yeah awesome, actually I was afraid that it would double post, as it's just not showing on your page! Some blogger glitch, maybe. did you watch the videos? :P

  8. There are days I would put my fist through my screen, but then I remember that Steve Jobs will live forever provided we don't destroy the horcruxes we've purchased from him, so I stop and just pound the living hell out of my dysfunctional trackpad instead.


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