Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Big Hip Hop!

Another assignment submitted by Tim Owens in ds106 is The Big Hip Hop where he says to:
"Take any photo from The Big Picture and overlay it with lyrics from a Top 100 song."
I grew up in Los Angeles, CA, greatly influenced by Hip Hop and Rap music; so I just HAD to do this assignment!
I quickly found the perfect picture from The Boston Globe of a Libyan Rebel holding a gun, acknowledging the people in victory. Here it is:


The lyrics are actually featured in two of my favorite rap songs, which both made the top 100s. The Original song is by Grand Master Flash and the Furious five, "The Message." It's such a good song with great lyrics and a good beat. It goes:
"Can't walk through the park cuz is crazy after dark/
Keep my hand on my gun cuz they got me on the run."

The second Top 100 song that featured those lyrics is Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dog's "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted" which embodies the West Coast gangster rap culture:

I grew up listening to a lot of this music and have always found it funny to place hardcore gangster rap lyrics in everyday things. I've said this quote when ever I got a gun in my hand! Tim Owens seems to share the same sense of humor!


  1. I'm so glad some of your generation know about Grand Master Flash.

    The orinal video for "The Message" is one of a kind!

    Thanks for the great ds106 posts.

  2. Loving the grand master Flash! Really like how you managed to blend the message behind the image with the lyrics too, a lot of similarities I'm sure with Grand Master Flash's reality and what Libyans have been experiencing.

  3. Thank you guys! @Lockman, before only people greatly influenced by hip hop music would know of the older goodies, but I think that now thanks to the interne and Youtube, they could easily find it! :)

    Thanks Ben, the message does pack powerful lyrics. Fortunately GMF's reality was not as bad as Libya's!


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